What We Do

Welcome to the ‘You Can Group’ – You’ve arrived at the appropriate digital space if you’re looking for Project Management, Leadership Coaching & Facilitation or Private 1-2-1 coaching for you or your business.

At the ‘You Can Group’ we specialise in keeping things simple for our clients, and in doing so, deliver results on their individual or business growth journey through our forward-thinking methodology and service portfolio.

Our committed, experienced and professional associates work in collaboration with our clients to add value and purpose with Project Management, Leadership Coaching & Facilitation or Private 1-2-1 Coaching delivered by our Founder, David Grieve.

“I rated myself 35% better on high-performance measures pre and post-training which is a significant improvement.  My confidence grew over the course of the program and I have a clear goal which I’m motivated and determined to reach.” – Senior Financial Services Consultant.
“Our Leadership and Performance workshop was excellent David. Really enjoyed and you delivered exactly what we were looking for.” – Brunel, Business Manager.
“You make me go somewhere I don’t want to go! None of this was happening before we started. The clarity you bring me to get that extra 10% performance has helped me now exceed our business turnover by +15% monthly!” – Entrepreneur.
“My purpose statement is part of me now and I’m truly grateful to David for facilitating my journey and for the benefits it has brought to me.” – Executive.

Project Management Services

Project Management. Let us look after it or enable you to deliver and perform better. 

Our associates have a proven track record in delivering domestic and international ‘Project Management Services’ across multiple sectors including Oil and Gas, Aerospace, Education, Manufacturing and Public Sector to name a few.

Their abundance of knowledge and experience has been gained through successfully working with multi organisational and multi cultural teams on a wide range of complex project portfolios. We can fill the internal expertise gap, upskill the current workforce to deliver better or take the lead of the overall project – it’s your call!

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Leadership Coaching & Facilitation.

It’s all-important stuff, especially in a complex and ever-changing business landscape. Let us add a different perspective to your organisation.

Let’s be honest here – this is not for everyone and now that we’ve called out the elephant in the room, who is it for? Well, it helps if you feel the desire and optimism to be better than you were yesterday and open to learning, curiosity and creativity in discovering how to lead your team in a way that supports sustainable higher performance for your organisation and people within it.

Through facilitated workshops, we get to the ‘grass routes’ of what is holding you and your team back to help you increase Clarity, Confidence and Capability. 

Our proven methodology and unique approach embeds processes and practices that help leaders and teams perform at their best and we all know what happens when that’s the case = results!

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Private 1-2-1 Coaching

Ask yourself, WHY do I need a coach?

Well, you can share that answer with me when we catch up, but I’d be hopeful that your response would be something like, to improve your performance, understand your purpose, achieve (in whatever capacity) professionally or personally – here’s the secret, you can, if you’re ready!

I’ve been delivering Private 1-2-1 Coaching for over 5 years and for me, it’s all about watching in admiration as my clients achieve their set objectives. I’ve been fortunate to work, privately, with entrepreneurs, sports personalities and executives from across the globe, all sharing an intrinsic zest to invest, focus and commit to their own self-development.

It’s all about the three Cs – Clarity, Confidence and Capability. I’m ready to listen to you – are you ready to talk?

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